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Join the Live Beyond Life movement and give the ultimate gift - that of life – through organ donation. Your eyes, skin and other vital organs can make a difference in someone else’s world after you. Pledge today to become an organ donor to help others waiting for organs.



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One person’s donated organ can help up to eight persons awaiting transplants.

Eye and skin donation happen at home and in minimum time.

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We are dedicated to organ donations and transplants

The Live Beyond Life Foundation enables people to make a “gift of life” after death through organ donation. The foundation spreads awareness about the need to donateeyes, skin and vital organs among patients awaiting organ transplants. It helps people create a “Living Will” to pledge organs for donation after death.The foundation’s objectives are:

  1. Spread awareness to help patients awaiting organ transplants and their families.
  2. Promote healthy organ maintenance to prevent heart disease and diabetes for kidney and other vital organ protection to reduce the organ replacement demand.
  3. Sponsor cadaver transplants among patients who cannot afford expensive transplants and maintenance.
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Why donate organs?

The importance of giving the gift of life through organ donation

Millions of Indians are waiting for organ donations to relieve them from blindness, burn injuries and organ failure.

The long waitlists of hundreds of thousands of patients for eye, skin and vital organ donations benefit from organ donors who have pledged to donate their organs after death.

As a result of greater awareness about it, eye donation happens more frequently in India than skin and vital organ donation.

However, in recent years, efforts of organisations like the Live Beyond Life Foundation have encouraged people to pledge their organs after death.

Donating eyes, skin and organs from a dead person can benefit up to eight people who receive the gift of those donated organs.


Total number of people waiting for organ transpalnt


Children waiting for an organ transplant


Organ Transplant mde possible by doners in 2022

One can save 8 Lives

Children waiting for an organ transplant


Eyes and Skin donation process


Registering as a Donor

A person consents to be an organ donor by registering on our website and informs their friends and family of that decision.


Contacting the eye and skin bank

After a donor’s death, their family takes precautions for eye and skin preservation and contacts the eye and skin banks for collection.


Authorizing Donation

The patient’s family authorizes the eye or skin collection from the deceased donor.


Organ collection

Trained personnel collect eyes or skin for transplanting and transport them to the eye or skin bank.


The matching process

Suitable recipients of the donated organs are identified from hospital waiting lists and receive organ availability notification.


Transporting the Organs

Organs from donors are transported with appropriate care and utmost urgency to the recipient’s hospital by ensuring organ viability.


Organ transplanting

Matched recipients receive the donated organs to help them regain normal functioning.


Empower Life: Register as an Organ Donor Today!

By making an organ donation WILL, you shall help needy patients awaiting organs for transplant and gift them a new life, after your time.

Our donors, who graciously contribute their organs, embody humility
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LBL Foundation 51, Manoj Industrial Estate, G.D.Ambekar Road, Wadala, Mumbai 400031 India

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We enable people to “Live Beyond Life” by promoting organ donation after death.

We register organ donors to help patients awaiting eyes, skin, and vital organ transplants for leading normal lives.

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