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Eye donation is the selfless act of giving one's eyes after death to restore vision and improve the lives of those suffering from visual impairment. It is a powerful gesture that brings light and hope to others.

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Frequently asked questions

Ten million Indians are blind in both eyes, and five million Indians are blind in one eye, making up one-third of the blind population of the world. Blind people need corneal transplants to overcome their blindness.

Eye donation is relatively easy, and anyone above the age of one can donate their eyes, including those with cataract surgery, diabetes, or hypertension.

Eye donation takes minimal time of less than half an hour but must be done within six hours of the donor’s death. The key to successful eye donation is family members conveying the donor’s death information to the eye bank for corneal collection within six hours.

Eye donation does not cause the donor’s face disfiguration and happens at the deceased’s home.

Who can be Eye Donors?

Whom should we contact to donate eyes?

Who cannot donate their eyes?

What is corneal transplantation?

Is the whole eye of the donor transplanted?

Can a person who is blind due to retinal or optic nerve disease donate his eyes?

Eye donation – misconceptions

Vision impairment must not prevent eye donation as tests evaluate corneas before transplantation.

A dead person’s family can consent to eye donation even after a person not registered as a donor dies.

The age of a dead donor does not affect eye donation as corneas from older donors can also give vision to needy blind people.

Eye donation does not cause bleeding or disfigurement after corneal retrieval from a donor’s dead body.

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